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We are very proud to announce that the following FUSION-DC students have successfully defended their thesis in April 2017:

- Petr Grigorev

- YangYang Zhang

- Maceina Tautvydas





FUSION-DC is a three-year Joint Doctoral Programme in nuclear fusion science and engineering offered by a consortium of 29 European partner institutions from 9 EU countries (9 full partners and 20 associated), the ITER Organization and 14 associated partners from China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. FUSION-DC provides a sustainable, integrated and coordinated education at the doctoral level in the framework of a worldwide network of excellence in magnetic confinement fusion (MCF). 

The EU is world leader in the development of MCF as a sustainable energy source and FUSION-DC embraces most of the largest European fusion institutions.

The FUSION-DC doctoral programme involves an attractive variety of educational and training activities (among which the yearly PhD summer event) and an unsurpassed diversity of research opportunities at the partner institutions and research facilities. FUSION-DC focuses on a number of research fields that address the major remaining challenges for making fusion energy a reality, with an emphasis on next-step devices (ITER, W7-X, DEMO) and reactor aspects.



Application is now CLOSED. 

The financing by Erasmus Mundus for the FUSION-DC program has come to an end in 2016, and can not be prolonged. We are in the process of trying and securing other funding. If you are interested, please send us your CV and we will keep it on file and contact you if we have financing.


                                                       FUSION-EP Master >>>




                                              With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union


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