International Doctoral College in Fusion Science and Engineering

Educational outcomes

In general:
  • A sustainable, solid, common and visible framework for fusion doctoral studies, a centre of excellence in the EU and outside, plus a role model for education and large-scale cooperation.
  • A source of top quality staff for next-step devices (ITER, W7-X, DEMO, etc.), research institutes and industry (also outside fusion).
For the PhD students in particular:
  • A set of broad (e.g. management) and specialized (technical) skills through educational courses and research. FUSION-DC provides PhD students with coordinated access to state-of-the-art and current
  • topics of interest in fusion science and engineering.
  • An opportunity to conduct research at large fusion facilities in highly qualified environments.
  • Presentation skills: active participation in at least two conferences, seminar presentations at institutions. •    Oral communication skills in an international environment.
  • Written communication skills: at least one peer-reviewed journal publication as a first author.
  • Intercultural understanding, interpersonal contacts.

Scientific outcomes

  • Address the main challenges and make advances in fusion research in a coordinated way by selecting the internationally agreed upon most relevant scientific problems, reducing redundancy of research projects while fostering the best research conditions.
  • Enhanced and long-lasting inter-institutional and inter-sectorial collaboration.
  • Presentations at conferences, journal publications.
  • Specific scientific research outcome, corresponding to the needs

Technological outcomes

  • In the wake of fusion research, improved understanding in many fields (due to the interdisciplinary character of plasma physics) as well as new technologies in neighbouring application areas (e.g. superconductivity, robotics, material technology, spectroscopy, computing, control technology, data analysis, etc.).
  • Sustainable collaboration with industry.

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