International Doctoral College in Fusion Science and Engineering
 FUSION-DC Scientific Board Members


The Scientific Board consists of high level academic members (some of them from non-European Associated Members). The Scientific Board is appointed by the Steering Committee such that the expertise in the six research fields is present. 

 The Scientific Board will have to:

-       Assist and advise the Steering Committee in selecting research themes.

-       Assist and advise the Steering Committee in ranking and selecting doctoral candidates and matching them to thesis topics.

-       Assist and advise the Steering Committee in the appointment of Doctoral Guidance Committees and Doctoral Examination Committees.

-       Safeguard the academic quality of the overall doctoral programme.



Chair: Jean Jacquinot

F1: Hartmut Zohm, Boris Kuteev

F2: Sergio Orlandi, Francesco Gnesotto

F3: Raul Sánchez, Akio Komori

F4: Jochen Linke, Christian Linsmeier

F5: Vladimir Rozhansky, George Morales

F6: Geert Verdoolaege, James Gunn

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